Overcomers Schools International values everyone equally. We encourage all our pupils to do their best, by celebrating their successes. We help them to grow in confidence, build self esteem, develop independence and be responsible and respectful towards each other in the school. We aim to make excellence our goal in standards, achievement, behaviour and attendance. The curriculum we offer is broad, balanced, creative, interesting and varied to suit all learners. It will promote the intellectual, moral, physical, spiritual and cultural development of everyone. Our school environment is inviting and secure, encouraging everyone to take pride in their surroundings. We welcome parents into the school environment, encouraging them in their role of supporting their child’s education.


We provide a very rich and integrated curriculum that  ensures a smooth flow from the Early Years in Infant School to Year 6 where the Primary School curriculum culminates, preparing the children for a smooth and effective transition to Secondary School. At Overcomers Schools International, we strongly believe in developing the total child by equipping him/her with a variety of skills and values which provide a basis for every form of future learning. To achieve this, we offer a wide range of carefully selected and organized academic and extra-curricular activities based on our delicate blend of Nigeria and British Curricula.